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Load-In/Load Out

Load-In/Load Out (Production, D├ęcor And Staging)

Top Rules and Regulations of the Dock and Freight Elevator:
1. No forklifts on the dock.
2. No blocking the bays and/or dock.
3. No blocking the valet exit.
4. All Event Vendors must check in with the Dock Master/Security prior to Loading-In or Loading-Out for bay assignments.
5. No unattended trucks are to be left on the dock without the dock master signing you into your bay assignment.
6. No double parking in the dock bays.
7. Load-In’s and Load-Out’s may only use one freight elevator at a time.
8. No equipment is to be left in the bays and/or docks.
9. No overnight parking. NO EXCEPTIONS.
10. Truck must be attached to trailer at all times.
11. All crew are to park personal vehicles in the parking garage.
12. Small loading dock, (bay closest to the freight elevators) as well as Bays 1 and 2 are for food vendors and hotel
deliveries only, until 3:30pm.
13. Vendors must provide their own equipment when loading-in and/or out.
14. Once the truck is unloaded the truck must be removed from the dock to allow other deliveries access to the dock.
15. All vendors are responsible for keeping their work area clean and organized through-out the day.
16. No smoking on the dock.

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